About BiologIC

BiologIC is not a conventional company. We do not intend to become one. 

We believe that extraordinary value can be created by talented people, and that a global and multi-disciplinary business such as ours thrives on diversity, equality and inclusion.  We empower our people to imagine, inspire and ignite the extraordinary into action.

We will change the world by working with talented teams who share the scale of our vision and who bring positive energy, creativity, collaboration and skill in bringing this to life.

Humanity faces enormous challenges including feeding 9.8 billion people by 2050, mitigating climate change and mitigating the existential threat of disease. The world must undergo a profound change towards environmental sustainability and equitable access to the latest food, fuel, medicines, materials and computing.

Our roles are multi-dimensional, dynamic and provide opportunity for significant growth as the needs of BiologIC and our teams change over time.

We offer a varied and highly stimulating working environment and are focused on recognition, development and empowerment of our team with fair reward for value created.  It provides the opportunity for significant personal growth in a bold and ambitious company.

BiologIC is a commercially focused development stage organisation.  Each role within BiologIC results in creation of value for the benefit of our partners, teams and society.

Our Teams

We welcome all kinds of brilliant. You can play your part in building a happier, healthier world in a job where you’re making a difference from the get-go. You could be advancing our technology, building our commercial relationships or supporting the strategy of the business.  Our culture emerges from our teams and we want aspirational people to help us continue to be an inclusive place where people love to work. Here, we give you the freedom to dream bigger.