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Technology Vision

We put the power of industry 4.0 in your hands.  Join our Flexible Access programme and discover how BiologIC’s biocomputer platform helps you integrate Industry 4.0 technologies to power a biorevolution.  Together we can solve enormous challenges faced by humanity in an environmentally sustainable, economically accessible way.

Welcome to the Biocomputer

BiologIC’s full stack Industry 4.0 biocomputer is based upon highly-integrated designs enabled by pioneering innovations in additive manufacturing, novel methods of operation, sensing and data intelligence in architectures inspired by the long and successful history of semiconductor systems.

Our unique perspective

Our mission is to revolutionise biology processing using the same principles that revolutionised information processing.  Our unique perspective lies at the heart of three pillars of expertise:

1. Life sciences - we have many years of expertise and insight into the applications of biology, past, present and future

2.  Industry 4.0 - we integrated key Industry 4.0 technologies including additive manufacturing, internet of things, smart sensing, data and AI

3.  Semiconductor - we are inspired my many decades of innovation in computing and the integrated circuits that revolutionised the worlds of information processing

Population scale biology

Our proprietary architectures enable entirely novel workflows with extreme power, integration and flexibility.  Our architectures massively expand the experimental space available to researchers and empower scientists driving novel applications of biology at population scale in standardised or bespoke systems.

Are you an innovator who shares our passion for solving challenges?

If so, we warmly invite you to join us.