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Access our platform and see how BiologIC data powers the biorevolution. Our unparalleled range of designs integrate electronic and optical control and bioprocess sensing with the ability to stream real-time metrology and telemetry.  Use data to drive adaptive workflows, build machine learning models and understand biological performance.  Join our world-leading ecosystem of industry 4.0 partners, as BiologIC becomes the industry standard for embedded biological data.

BiologIC is at the Centre of the Biodata Revolution

Data is at the heart of the next generation of biology.  BiologIC integrates electrical and optical sensing capability for both hardware and bioprocess control, allowing our partners to move from classical scheduled biology to powerful, event-driven adaptive workflows.  BiologIC data and control enables deep learning advanced automation.


Event driven biology

Integrated inline sensing allows automated control based on reaction kinetics that optimise time, quality and cost.

Method of operations

BiologIC's data-enabled systems provide new bioprocessing methods of operation, including pipelining, conditional branching and nested subroutines.

Design of Experiments

BiologIC enables a scalable Design of Experiments space with each parallel experiment providing real-time data.

A Hotbed of Innovation

BiologIC's technologies are helping define new markets for biological applications around the globe.  BiologIC's library of sensor capabilities can be integrated into novel bioprocessing workflows to drive new levels of performance.  Here are just a few examples.

Electronic pH sensing

Inline pH sensing allows control of processes such as viral inactivation or cell growth.  Real time data allow the processes to be adapted to optimise biological performance.

Electronic temperature sensing

Real time temperature sensing enables a range of strategies that create an adaptive environment whether for thermal cycling or maintenance at optimal biological conditions.

Flow rate

Flow rate detection allows advanced fluidic control regimes to be implemented, such as continuous bioprocessing.

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