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Partner with BiologIC and access our powerful biocomputer platform.  Biocomputing is the ability to programme biology, and BiologIC is developing the world's first biocomputer.  We believe life would be better if we could all benefit from the latest biological breakthroughs in food, fuels and medicines.  We work with biologists developing novel applications, commercial partners looking to radically redefine markets and engineers developing new products.

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Accelerate Innovation Through Partnership

BiologIC is a pioneer in the integration of Industry 4.0 technologies in powerful new biocomputing systems and has developed technical and market ecosystems of fellow innovators.

BiologIC’s technical ecosystem simplifies development of novel life science applications by integrating Industry 4.0 technologies to provide best-in-class designs, tools and applications to businesses worldwide.

By creating and nurturing partnerships that empower our life science market ecosystem to drive innovation, BiologIC focuses on helping its partners innovate faster, reach their target markets quicker and unlock the power of their biology.

BiologIC's partnerships develop a wide range of hardware and software solutions for developers to easily prototype and produce life science devices, while BiologIC supports its partners through technical support and resources, co-marketing and event opportunities.

Partner Benefits

BiologIC's partnerships offer access to development opportunities to help optimise technologies and grow businesses.

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Go-to-Market support

BiologIC teams with you in smart, effective business expansion support through co-marketing via BiologIC's channels and results-orientated campaigns.
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Technical expertise

BiologIC is a world leader in biocomputing.  Access valuable technical expertise, direct engagement with BiologIC scientists and engineers and exclusive insights into upcoming technologies and disruptive new product solutions.
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Partnership opportunities

Network and relationship building supported by BiologIC, integrating technical solutions to showcase proof of concepts and gain market visibility.

Speed of thought

BiologIC’s ecosystem enables scientists in novel applications to innovate, develop and run biological workflows “at the speed of thought”. BiologIC’s ultra-rapid digitally-enabled toolchain enables users to update designs to iterate their science, fully automated, in just one working day. This bespoke n=1 manufacturing can be achieved at scale and at a low cost of goods suitable for daily use.

Better together

We believe we are better together. We look to partner with disruptive pioneers to develop solutions from proof-of-concept to commercial products, and we are building a world leading network of collaborators across academic, biotech, pharma and technology communities.

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