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BiologIC is developing the world’s first biocomputer.  Biocomputing is the ability to programme biology and, much as classical computers led to a revolution in information processing, our ambition is that the biocomputer will lead to a revolution in biology processing.

Through our flexible access programme, pioneering commercial partners including biology innovators access our digital platform to radically redefine their markets, innovate ahead of their competition and accelerate their speed to market.

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Additive manufacturing

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has extensive dependency on additive manufacturing. BiologIC is pioneering the “second wave of additive” to enable powerful new design paradigms.


High-throughput.  Multiplexed.  Anywhere.

Cell and Gene Therapy

Distributed.  Economic.  Formulated.


Rapid.  Distributed.  Economic.


Intensified.  Economic.  End-2-End.

Synthetic Biology

Cultured meat.  Biomaterials.  3D Assembly.

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