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Are you a biology innovator working to develop the latest applications in lab grown foods?  Access BiologIC's biocomputer platform to develop process automation and generate valuable real-time biological data for the next generation of synthetic biology, including systems for multiplex cell culture, bioink generation and 3D assembly.  Our technology will help you radically disrupt existing supply chains and enable scale-out for population wide food production.

According to a May 2020 report from McKinsey Global Institute, as much as 60 percent of the physical inputs to the global economy could be produced biologically. Around one-third of these are biological materials, including animals bred for food.

Improving food production methods will help address the biggest challenges of our time. One of the most promising innovations is cultivated meat.  By cultivating only the desired meat directly from cells, rather than growing animals, we can produce meat with fewer resources and significantly less environmental impact. Compared with conventional beef (one of the largest contributors to climate change), cultivated beef reduces climate change emissions by 74%–87%.  Furthermore, cultured beef reduces land use >95%, nutrient pollution >90% and reduces the public health threat posed by antibiotic resistance and zoonotic pandemic disease.

BiologIC’s pioneering Industry 4.0 Architectures enable highly-novel, next-generation food production, increasing the resilience and localisation of a sustainable food supply chain and reducing a major cause of climate change. 

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