Therapy Development Kit

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For advanced therapy developers who need process optimisation, the Therapy Development Kit is the next generation closed automation platform that accelerates your route to clinic.

Dr Laura Ruiz describes the TDK

The biocomputer is a highly integrated closed automation system.  Much as a classical computer processes electrons, the biocomputer processes physical biology. The biocomputer integrates a full stack of industry 4.0 technologies including additive manufacture, smart sensing and machine learning.  Our ambition is that the biocomputer will revolutionise bioprocessing such as therapy development and manufacturing in the way classical computers revolutionised information processing.

With more than 60 cell and gene therapy products approved worldwide and almost 2,000 open or planned clinical trials, cell and gene therapy is a fast-growing market.

However, at typically $500,000 per patient, this therapeutic potential can only be fulfilled by technological advancements to enable automated, faster and more efficient development and manufacturing processes.

BiologIC is the inventor of the world’s first biocomputer.  Our vision is to drive a therapy processing revolution in the same way the electronic computer drove an information processing revolution.

The BiologIC biocomputing platform address the huge unmet demand for bioprocessing power to make vaccines, diagnostics, drug discovery, cell and gene therapy, lab grown food, DNA data storage and synthetic biology.

Right now, therapy developers are using the biocomputer platform to innovate multiple new applications including continuous bioprocessing of monoclonal antibodies, viral inactivation, mRNA vaccine manufacture, multiplexed diagnostics, bioreactor machine learning models and cell and gene therapy point of care manufacturing.

Tomorrow’s therapy development systems will be many orders of magnitude faster, more powerful, more programmable, more reliable, more integrated, more cost effective and more data-rich than classical instruments.

In advanced therapies, the process is the product.  BiologIC’s new Therapy Development Kit (TDK) makes it easy for partners to develop sophisticated therapy processes embodied as Bio-processing Units (BPUs) on the BiologIC Platform.  The TDK executes existing and new processes, introduces programmability and enables QA/QC, adaptive workflows, new insights and robust characterisation.  The TDK is software configurable and exposes experimental parameters and attributes.  Coupled with in-line and at-line sensing, the TDK gives real-time feedback on the process and biological execution.

The biocomputer empowers developers to expand their experimental space, gain new insights into the underlying biology, develop new bioprocesses and understand new and more predictable ways to respond to variations in biological inputs.  This allows rapid exploration of DoE and optimisation of manufacturing to accelerate the route to the clinic.