Population scale solutions for COVID-19 >

COVID-19 is having a devastating impact on people and its consequences will be lasting and profound. BiologIC's population scale Industry 4.0 solutions form part of the urgent response, such as heat inactivation of COVID-19 test samples, and bring the opportunity for a new paradigm of diagnostic and vaccine architectures to prevent this ever happening again.

BiologIC Technologies helps implement high-throughput heat inactivation of patient samples at Cambridge UK COVID-19 Test Centre >

BiologIC has collaborated with AstraZeneca and Electrolux Professional to implement a high-throughput solution for heat inactivation of patient samples at the Cambridge COVID-19 Test Centre. This solution renders the virus non-infectious, enhancing the safety, sustainability and scalability of the testing process.

We can provide heat inactivation solutions for any scale diagnostic lab anywhere around the world. To implement this solution, please contact us at info@biologic-tech.com

The Cambridge COVID-19 Test Centre is part of the UK Government Lighthouse Laboratory programme to provide population-wide diagnostic testing.  Previously, all patient swab samples processed at the centre were treated as potentially infectious. Biocontainment to reduce the infection risk required specialist staff, facilities and capital equipment in a predominantly manual process.

BiologIC, AstraZeneca and Electrolux Professional combined bioscience and thermal expertise to implement rapidly an innovative, production-ready heat inactivation solution in this safety-critical process.  Rigorous validation demonstrated inactivation of COVID-19 whilst maintaining the accuracy of diagnostic testing. The parties have now successfully implemented this solution, using Skyline Ovens from Electrolux Professional.

Industry 4.0 architectures

BiologIC brings for the first time a standard, universal Industry 4.0 architecture that provides horizontal integration across the life science industry: across bio-surveillance (detecting new viruses), population scale diagnostics, researching vaccines more quickly and scaling out production.  Our solutions can be implemented in entirely new environments beyond the lab, for example in transport scenarios.

These improvements will significantly help new virus prevention and detection and also make it much quicker to identify vaccines and manufacture them rapidly at scale. Data can also be fed back to centralised teams and the platform can be rapidly evolved as needed using machine learning.

Miniaturised, high-throughput architecture

Because virology is a cornerstone technique of molecular biology, BiologIC's standardised Industry 4.0 architectures can be miniaturised and operated at high-throughput in many applications around the world.

Because the BiologIC platform is a fully enclosed system, it allows distributed biodetection and biomanufacturing that helps mitigate pathogen threats not only in centralised labs, but also at the point of need anywhere in the world.

Rapid production

It is reasonable to expect countries and corporates to take greater control of their critical infrastructure, and additive manufacturing is set to disrupt existing supply chains.  BiologIC's architectures will allow rapid production of a new and powerful platform customised to the particular virus and produced on demand.

BiologIC's platform offers significant potential to prevent, detect, research, test and treat these threats to our way of life.